Even vehicles can use a good facelift sometimes, and at Classic Trolley we have the know how to make these gorgeous ladies look like new again.  We can take a trolley that looks like it is destined for retirement and bring it back to it's youthful vigor, ready to roll again with happy passengers.  Regardless of the manufacturer, Classic Trolley can bring back the shine and glitz of yesterday to any trolley that is in need.  Send us an email or give us a call today and we will work with you to get your vehicle back into service.

Before Restoration - #19, a California Street Trolley that operated in San Francisco for 12 years, came back to it's birthplace for a facelift and then moved to a new home in Sunny Florida!

After Restoration...Same area as above picture.

Originally this Trolley was not built with a wheelchair lift.  The new owner's requested that we put one in.  The original benches were outward facing and ran the full length from the  back section to the rear wall.  We shortened both benches, allowing space for a wheelchair when the benches are raised. The new bench was created out of the original benches to ensure that the aged wood would still match.  

Benches raised to allow for space for wheelchairs.

Exterior View of Ricon Wheelchair Lift

Panther Express All Ready to Roll!

Before Restoration - #49, also a 2000 Model Year California Street Trolley that ran routes in California.  This trolley was purchased by a tour operator in Richmond Virginia. 

There aren't a lot of pictures of this trolley before, the pictures below show it after it's restoration.