In today's world, fine craftsmanship is rare.  Since 1982 Classic Trolley has set the standard in the trolley industry for building high quality finely crafted vehicles.   In an age of mass production, where quality and longevity are often secondary to costs and profits, and no thought is given to the customer’s personal preferences, Classic Trolley's philosophy is to craft custom vehicles tailored to meet the needs and desires of our clients. Our knowledge of traditional time honored and proven methods combined with modern techniques ensure these trolleys will age gracefully and provide many years of superb operational performance.

Hand-crafted from the ground up, our vintage trolleys feature many custom touches that aren't found often.  Gorgeous hardwoods, gleaming brass, wrought iron corbels, authentic bells from the 1890's, arched windows - these are some of the custom touches our trolleys are built with.  These beauties aren't built on an assembly line and they certainly are not mass produced.  Every one of them takes roughly 60 to 90 days to build, and every part of them is built with care and concern for the experience of the owner and rider as well.

We are very proud of our entire team of craftspeople; to them this is not just a job, but also a part of who they are. These trolleys aren't just a product we build, every one of them represents over 30 years of fine craftsmanship and the dedication of each individual who is or has been a part of the Classic Trolley Story. Every one of our fine trolleys represents all of us, and what we stand for - quality, appreciation for old world style, integrity, implementation of state of the art technology and reliability.  The adage to under promise and over deliver is not just a catch phrase, it's a way of life here at Classic Trolley. 

There is nothing like touching and feeling the real thing when it comes to this kind of quality. We invite you to come to our Medford plant in Oregon, located in the beautiful Rogue Valley, to touch, drive, and experience a trolley like no other - a truly Classic one of a kind American made - Classic Trolley.