Hand-crafted from the ground up, our Classic Trolleys feature many unique details - from hand-milled oak woodwork, brass bells struck from the original forge in San Francisco, traditional wood cupola, to solid brass hardware - we truly go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction for both the passengers and the operators. Initially designed and built around the original 1890's San Francisco cable car plans, our Classic Trolleys are the perfect way to create that sense of old-time nostalgia.  Our vehicles differ from the majority of the competition in that much of the interior is handcrafted from the finest hardwoods, other brands are mostly metal. At Classic Trolley, we believe it to be impossible to get an 1890s look with metal. We use large quantities of solid oak, handmade poplar ribs for the roof and automotive paints for a hard, glossy finish that is easy to clean. We've been building these beauties for 30 years, and in that time we've made a few changes to enhance the safety and durability of these vehicles from days gone by.  Today Classic Trolley has expanded the line up and now offers 9 different models while still retaining the look and feel of the vintage traditional cable car design.  Our trolleys are fully customizable to accommodate the needs of the operator and location while staying true to the design elements and quality of construction that make Classic Trolley unique in this industry.


Even vehicles can use a good facelift sometimes, and at Classic Trolley we have the know how to make these gorgeous ladies look like new again.  We can take a trolley that looks like it is destined for retirement and bring it back to it's youthful vigor, ready to roll again with happy passengers.  Regardless of the manufacturer, Classic Trolley can bring back the shine and glitz of yesterday to any trolley that is in need.  Send us an email or give us a call today and we will work with you to get your vehicle back into service. 


Looking for a pre-owned trolley?  Having built trolleys for 30 years, we have a lot of "inside" information on who has what and where.  On occasion we have trolleys for sale on our lot, some that we have built and some that have been built by others.  We may have exactly the one you are looking for, OR we may know someone else who does.  Give us a call today at 800-460-3934 and let us know what you are in the market for.  We will guide you in the right direction and help you identify the type of vehicle that will most fit your specific needs. We can also direct you to lenders who might assist you in the purchase if needed, as well.


Classic Trolley produces a full line of trolley concession trailers. These eye-catching trailers have been put in service as espresso stands, hot dog stands, ticket booths, executive dining cars, and a variety of other uses. Each trailer can be easily customized to meet various service requirements.  Interiors can either be commercial kitchens with FRP walls and ceilings, laminated cabinets and stainless counters or gorgeous hardwoods, brass and corian counters.  Exteriors have curved sides, bowed ends and cupolas of the 1890's.  The generous use of oak trim, trolley roof, colorful awning, and a San Francisco bell complete the entrepreneur’s dream business start-up package.