The Oregon City Enclosed Trolley has all the style and panache of the cable cars from the 1890's era with the comfort, performance and reliability of today. The details on this trolley set it apart into a class all of its own.  Atop the roof, next to the old fashioned cupola, the brass bell sings out its beckoning tone, calling riders to an experience inspired over 100 years ago.  Northern red oak windows and hard rock maple trim, the old nostalgic front headlight, authentic curved sides and bowed ends and gleaming brass rails all invite you to step into the classic age of another time. Entering the trolley, more elements of fine craftsmanship greet the rider - soft light filtering down from the muted glass of the cupola brings a cheerful open feel, the brass and glass fare box, the detail of the bead board ceiling attracts one's eye, genuine Latigo leather hand straps, superbly crafted solid red oak benches, polished brass rails, and unobstructed views through the large oak windows - all combine to create the perfect trolley ride like none other!

There is an abundance of gleaming hardwoods on this trolley.  They are finished with a very high quality UV inhibiting, water resistant sealant.  Maintenance of this wood is quite simple, yet important.  Yearly inspections are necessary, and any surfaces that are damaged or worn should be lightly scuffed and new sealant applied.  If this is done regularly, the wood will keep its luster for many years. 

All the models Classic Trolley builds have a story behind their names.  This one represents both one of our great customers - the City of Oregon City - as well as the state we are located in.  And to represent this fine state, we had to use an enclosed trolley...after all, everyone knows Oregon is famous for rain!  Yet at the same time, a trolley named in honor of this gorgeous state, needs to also represent its beauty, and we feel this trolley does exactly that.  This car is well suited to similar environments that have wide swings in climate.  Here in Oregon, it isn't uncommon to have rain and 40 degree temps and the next day blazing sunshine with the temperature over 100.  For a trolley that represents history beautifully, creates that nostalgic feel of days gone by, while also incorporating a comfortable climate controlled environment and sturdy dependability, the Oregon City Enclosed Trolley is the perfect fit.  

  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Length: 36 ft. 
  • Height: 11 ft. 6 in.
  • Passengers: 36 to 43
  • GVW: 32,000
  • Arched Solid Oak Custom Crafted Trolley Windows
  • Original 1890's Style Cupola Roof with Rib & Bead Board Ceiling
  • Authentic Period Fare Box
  • Center Headlight for Period Aesthetics
  • Climate Control Dual AC - TBD on location
  • Brass Rails
  • Solid Oak Benches: Furniture or Park Style Design
  • Solid Brass Bell Made in San Francisco with the Original Mold from the old 1890's Cable Cars
  • Interior Sign Boards
  • Front Heater & Defroster
  • Altro Transit Floor Covering
  • Decorative Interior Dome Lights
  • Driver's Air Seat
  • Steel Front & Rear Bumpers
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • Auto Safety Glass
  • Emergency Exits
  • Audible Back-Up Alarm
  • DOT Approved Exterior Lighting
  • Triangle Safety Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Exterior Sign Boards
  • Pre-wired for 6 PA or Stereo Speakers
  • Premium Exterior Automotive Paint - Your Choice of Color


  • "Classic" 22 K Gold Vinyl Graphics 
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Full Printed Body Wrap
  • Freedman Fabric/Vinyl or Leather Composite Seats 
  • Premium Sound AM/FM/CD with 6 Speakers
  • Flat Screens with DVD Player
  • Multilingual Narration System
  • Velvac Electric Side Mirrors
  • Ricon Wheelchair Lift
  • Bike Racks
  • Destination Signs
  • Solid Oak Brochure Rack
  • Pads for Furniture Style Bench Seats
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Covers
  • Exterior Sign Racks
  • Custom Multicolored Paint Scheme
    • Extended Warranty on Engine/Chassis
    • Anything Else You Need that We Can Make Happen!


    The Oregon City Enclosed is recommended to be made with a rear engine Transit Diesel by Freightliner.  However it can be made on the other chassis as well.  Please click on the links below to see the spec sheet below for more information. 

    Front Engine Diesel
    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 28 - 32 long by 11'6" tall.

    Rear Engine Diesel
    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 36' long by 11'6" tall.

    F-53 FORD
    Front Engine Gasoline
    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 28 - 32 long by 11'6" tall.


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