Hand-crafted from the ground up, our Classic Trolleys feature many unique details - from hand-milled oak woodwork, brass bells struck from the original forge in San Francisco, traditional wood cupola, to solid brass hardware - we truly go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction for both the passengers and the operators. Initially designed and built around the original 1890's San Francisco cable car plans, our Classic Trolleys are the perfect way to create that sense of old-time nostalgia.  Our vehicles differ from the majority of the competition in that much of the interior is handcrafted from the finest hardwoods, other brands are mostly metal. At Classic Trolley, we believe it to be impossible to get an 1890s look with metal. We use large quantities of solid oak, poplar ribs for the roof and automotive paints for a hard, glossy finish that is easy to clean. We've been building these beauties for 30 years, and in that time we've made a few changes to enhance the safety and durability of these vehicles from days gone by.  Today Classic Trolley has expanded the line up and now offers 9 different models while still retaining the look and feel of the vintage traditional cable car design.  Our trolleys are fully customizable to accommodate the needs of the operator and location while staying true to the design elements and quality of construction that make Classic Trolley unique in this industry.

California Street

When you're looking for the ultimate in nostalgia, versatility, and increased ridership, look no further than the California Street. With an enclosed center section, this model offers the comforts of interior climate control coupled with the excitement of an open-air ride. The flexibility and timeless good looks of the California Street will keep riders on your tour throughout the year.

This model was designed for E Noa Corporation of Hawaii who has purchased 80 of our Ladies over the past 27 years.  The first of this style was built to operate at Disney's Aulani Resort.  This design combines the comfort amenities of a coach merged with the classic style of an 1890's trolley.

Crafted with the complete experience in mind, the Open Oahu is the perfect trolley for warm, open-air environments. Our custom seat configurations enable you to convey the maximum number of passengers while providing them with a spectacular view.

If your looking for beauty and accessibility, the Classic Low Floor is it!  With the entry 7" from the ground, there are no steps which provides greater ease for your clients and less liability for your insurance company while still providing the nostalgia of the late 1800's. 

There is nothing like traveling down Kalakaua Avenue on the upper level of a double decker trolley and looking out over Waikiki with the trade winds blowing through your hair. Whether Waikiki or any major city, the views are awesome from this vantage point. This trolley will accommodate 60 passengers in style.

This trolley is built to similar specifications as the California Street Model.  However, in the interest of price points we have modified the Santa Barbara to provide a quality experience at a lesser cost.  This trolley may be just the ticket for starting and operating with a new trolley instead of a used unit.  

For maximum comfort and protection from the elements, the fully enclosed Oregon City is the perfect transportation solution. With a number of optional amenities, such as heating, air-conditioning, and padded seats, this trolley offers your passengers a ride well worth the money spent.

When your clientele requires an enclosed ride, but you understand the value of your customer's desire for the open feel of a trolley, this 2/3 enclosed 1/3 open is a great option. 

This trolley was designed using our unique vintage flair with added practical features for maintenance, weather, versatility and affordability. The Classic features our authentic cupola roof and curved sides, front and back. This vehicle is totally enclosed, using trolley arched black aluminum-framed windows, with the option of removable window panes for the warmer months. 

Don't see exactly what you are looking for?  Do you have an idea that you would like to make a reality?  These 9 models are certainly not all we have done, can do or will do.  Sometimes we joke that we should change our name to Custom Trolley, because that's pretty much what we do!  If you see elements you would like to merge or just have a crazy idea, shoot us an email or give us a call.  We will be happy to discuss possibilities....and sometimes the most improbable ideas, become the best ones!