The E Noa Enclosed trolley has been designed to incorporate more of the elements of comfort commonly found in a motorcoach for riders, and reduced maintenance for the operator. This trolley is a variation of our Oregon City Enclosed Model.  The primary difference between the two is much less use of wood, providing for reduced operator maintenance and longer durability.  The trade off though is in the look. Removing the wood windows, creates more of a bus look, but for some operators, overall it's worth it.  The other difference is in the Cupola.  This is the only trolley we build with an an Aluminum Cupola, the rest of them are all made of wood and from a maintenance perspective, this is another plus.  Because this unit is built with AC systems for passenger comfort, we have created a faux Cupola to hide the AC systems.  From the inside the ceiling is still curved and still made with rib and bead board, but one can't see the small windows in the Cupola as in most of our other models.  The seats in this model are more comfortable as well, made of vinyl/leather composite or fabric, but it can be built with wood benches if that is preferred. 

For an operator looking for  reliable, low maintenance and increased passenger comfort while still retaining the classic charm of a trolley, the Enoa Enclosed is a great trolley to choose.

Incidentally, this model was originally built as a collaboration between one of our most loyal customers, from the early days of Classic Trolley.  In honor of E Noa Tours of Hawaii and their ongoing support of our brand, we have named this trolley the E Noa Enclosed.  In June of 2012 we shipped them their 80th trolley - an Open Oahu.  A big Thank You to E Noa Tours, for their support all these years...and if you are in Hawaii, make sure you take a ride on one of their trolleys! 


  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Length: 36 ft. 
  • Height: 11 ft. 6 in.
  • Passengers: 36 to 43
  • GVW: 32,000
  • Arched Trolley Windows
  • Original 1890's Style Faux Aluminum Cupola Roof with Rib & Bead Board Ceiling (AC System inside Faux Cupola)
  • Climate Control Dual AC - TBD on location
  • Brass Rails
  • Freedman Fabric/Vinyl or Leather Composite Seats
  • Solid Brass Bell Made in San Francisco with the Original Mold from the old 1890's Cable Cars
  • Interior Sign Boards
  • Front Heater & Defroster
  • Altro Transit Floor Covering
  • Decorative Interior Dome Lights
  • Driver's Air Seat
  • Steel Front & Rear Bumpers
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • Auto Safety Glass
  • Emergency Exits
  • Audible Back-Up Alarm
  • DOT Approved Exterior Lighting
  • Triangle Safety Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Exterior Sign Boards
  • Pre-wired for 6 PA or Stereo Speakers
  • Premium Exterior Automotive Paint - Your Choice of Color


  • "Classic" 22 K Gold Vinyl Graphics 
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Full Printed Body Wrap
  • Solid Oak Benches: Furniture or Park Style Design
  • Premium Sound AM/FM/CD with 6 Speakers
  • Flat Screens with DVD Player
  • Multilingual Narration System
  • Velvac Electric Side Mirrors
  • Ricon Wheelchair Lift
  • Fare Box
  • Bike Racks
  • Destination Signs
  • Solid Oak Brochure Rack
  • Pads for Furniture Style Bench Seats
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Covers
  • Exterior Sign Racks
  • Custom Multicolored Paint Scheme
    • Extended Warranty on Engine/Chassis
    • Anything Else You Need that We Can Make Happen!


    The E Noa Enclosed is recommended to be made with a rear engine Transit Diesel by Freightliner.  However it can be made on the other chassis as well.  Please click on the links below to see the spec sheet below for more information. 

    Front Engine Diesel
    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 28 - 32 long by 11'6" tall.

    Rear Engine Diesel

    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 36' long by 11'6" tall.

    F-53 FORD
    Front Engine Gasoline

    Completed Trolley overall dimensions are 8'6" wide by 28 - 32 long by 11'6" tall.


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