This is an Oregon City Enclosed model we are building for Enoa Tours of Honolulu, Hawaii.  This is our 78th Trolley that we have custom built for them!  One of the many unique features we have done for them is a ceiling modification.  They wish to have the AC units hidden by the cupola, so we have created a faux cupola that has a single level ceiling inside.  While we have retained our classic ceiling rib and bead board construction, we have modified it to meet their specific needs. We started on this Trolley in Mid November and it has passage booked for its first ocean voyage in January of 2012.





Here is our Dubai Double Decker Model.  This Trolley is the 4th unit we are building for a company located in Dubai. This fine lady will certainly be counted as one of our most beautiful Trolleys when completed.  Fine finished wood, rich brass and other highest quality materials merged with the know how and experience of Classic Trolley are producing this gorgeous beauty.  We have had to change out the diesel engine to a European version to handle high sulfur fuel used in Dubai - yet another unique change that must be made when selling a product on an international scale.  We expect to put her on her maiden voyage in early February 2012.